The Androgynous Lesbian

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Queens get the money

I have an incurable wanderlust

I can’t remember when I became so difficult talking about anything about myself

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When I was younger I came across this amazing girl that I met on a board when I was still trying to understand myself.
She was from Houston Texas (all my exes live in Texas) and I would talk to her for hours, all day, and night losing sleep.
Suddenly we starting growing up, and I guess growing apart before I was ever able to build up the nerve to ever tell her that she was all I ever wanted I called her my Unicorn ya’ know that majestic creature you’ve always wanted to capture, but never could.
During our time apart she became depressed, and diagnosed GID (Gender Identity disorder) we were able to talk again before she started her treatment taking T, after that conversation I never heard from him again.
I just wonder if I was cut off cause I made him feel like a woman, or because he found someone, and settled down… But I wish still wish till this day that I met him… I’ve haven’t been close to anyone ever since.
I will always remember your name.


person: u should like more colours

me: image

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i know i say this all the time but this is actually my favorite video

Holy shit


That dog is grooving hard

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