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Anonymous asked:
Would you explain to me how you meditate please ?


My Typical Meditation Session:

  1. Clear my meditation space of clutter.
  2. Cleanse hands, face and feet.
  3. Light candle.
  4. Light incense coal and sandalwood powder.
  5. Strike singing bowl for a long energy cleansing tone.
  6. Perform the salute to the sun (surya namaskar) postures.
  7. Perform “cobra” (bhujangasana) to stretch back muscles.
  8. Sit in half lotus (ardha padmasana) with prayer beads (mala).
  9. Strike singing bowl for long mindfulness tone..
  10. Do Pranayama exercises starting with “breath of fire” (agni prasanna) for clarity, “alternate nose breathing” (anuloma viloma) for calmness.
  11. Strike singing bowl to begin concentration practice using the mantra of compassion “Om Mani Padme Hum” counting on the mala for 108 repetitions or more depending on time. Holding the mala in one hand and the mudra of compassion with the other and practicing three part yogic breathing.
  12. Strike singing bowl for short tone and begin contemplation practice. Using my focused mind I focus on an idea or question. Sometimes I use an object like a tarot card, a flower, a crystal or a stone and focus on it in mindful contemplation.
  13. Meditate on gratitude for my many blessings.
  14. Strike singing bowl again to conclude session. Chant the “Om” 27 times.
  15. Perform “cobra” (bhujangasana) to stretch back muscles.
  16. Lay in “corpse” (savasana) position to relax and cool down.

Finished!  Total time: 30 to 45 minutes.

This is a typical Tibetan style Raja Yoga meditation session. You will note that this session is active and paced. At no time is the mind left unattended to wander and be bored.  There is always a point of focus. As you become familiar and grounded in your routine the routine itself is a comfort and prepares you mentally for mindful meditation.

☯ Samsaran ☯ 

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